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The Big Question: Do You Spit or Swallow?

Home / Make Sex Fun With our Articles & Tips! / For the Girls / The Big Question: Do You Spit or Swallow?

“Why should I swallow his semen? Its soooo disgusting!”

We totally understand why you wouldn’t want a man ejaculating into your mouth. Even after re-reading the prior sentence, most of the female staff asked themselves the same question. However, their man is fully aware of the ChangeTheTaste facts.

Once a man views ChangeTheTaste.com, reads all the articles, uses his actions instead of his words, and uses the ChangeTheTaste recipe book – fellatio and swallowing will be similar to licking and finishing an entire lollipop. So, what are you waiting for? Visit we sell an ebook for that section to purchase the official “Change The Taste Drink Recipe” book

Putting taste aside, there are additional positive outcomes in regards to swallowing.

It’s Cleaner?!

Think about it… Spitting can get things even messier. What are the odds of you always having a paper towel at hand? Even if you do, it will become a cum-soaked towel which gets stuck to your hand. He may also enjoy cumming on you but that just makes more of a mess as the area becomes sticky. Therefore, in the end, it’s clear that swallowing provides a no mess, no fuss happy ending.

*Gulp* & Down It Goes…

Even if your man’s cum is unpleasant (again, we can fix that for you), the fastest way to deal with it is to swallow it right away. Does it really make sense to go – “EEWWWWWWW” – all the way to the bathroom? Or to go – “EEWWWWWWW” – and spit it out the car window, taking a risk that wind doesn’t blow it back into your face, onto the window, or onto the car? See where we’re getting at? Be efficient and swallow it!

Let Him Relax!

Have you ever received something you really enjoyed only to have it taken away within seconds? Sucks doesn’t it? Well, that’s what your man feels like after he cums into your mouth and you run away. He knows that a true fellatio doesn’t feel right if his semen isn’t swallowed. Put yourself at east and allow your man to relax by swallowing. By doing so, you can also continue sucking through his orgasm which men find both physically and emotionally satisfying!

Yes, There’s Even Symbolism!

Did you know that swallowing has deep symbolic significance within the Western Culture? The act of swallowing actually signals acceptance, blessing, and a complete transformation! Imagine receiving a glass of Chateau Lafite 1787 (priced at $160,000 per bottle), taking a drink after a toast and spitting it out in front of everyone. Such an insult would be overwhelming! In the same way, spitting out cum is a symbolic rejection to many men.

Be Environmentally Friendly!

Think about it! Leaving your mans semen within public places just isn’t right! Plus think of all the trees you’re killing by using tissues or paper towels to spit into. This point alone should prove how important swallowing is!


By swallowing, you indicate complete acceptance. You enter a contract that says you wish to consume whatever comes from your lover. If becomes a part of you, and he becomes a part of you. The two become joined together in an intimate sacred bond like no other! Think about it next time you’re given the chance to spit or swallow.

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