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MEN! Get a More Intense Orgasm Today!

Home / Make Sex Fun With our Articles & Tips! / For the Guys / MEN! Get a More Intense Orgasm Today!

“How can men get a more intense orgasm?

Orgasms tend to feel pretty damn good, but why not try to make them feel better and more intense? Why not increase the strength of the contractions, the length of the orgasm, and the power behind the ejaculation? These are not very difficult goals to achieve, yet most men don’t know how. It is important to understand what an orgasm is, and how they work.

Facts About Male Orgasms

The evolutionary purpose of the male orgasm is very simply to ejaculate sperm. It has been suggested that orgasms feel good in order to encourage men to have more sexual drive to fertilize females (to get jiggy with it).

During orgasm, a man’s sexual muscles contract and expand. These muscles include all the muscles in and around the penis and the prostate. Some men claim to experience “full-body” orgasms where other parts of their body contract and expand during their orgasm as well. Male orgasm contractions are usually less than a second apart. The entire orgasm will last about 10 seconds (or about 5-15 contractions).

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have really intense orgasms and other times they are not as spectacular? There are actions you can take to ensure you have an amazing orgasm, every time!

Steps to make your orgasms last longer and feel stronger:

  • PC muscle exercises – The PC (Pubococcygeal) muscles play a critical role in the male orgasm. Click here for information on PC muscle exercises provided by AskMen.com .
  • Don’t orgasm for a while – This may be hard to do, but abstaining from orgasms for at least a week will create a buildup. This results in more semen for the release, which results in much better feeling orgasms.
  • Increase semen production – The more semen ejaculating from the penis, the better it feels. Consider taking a semen volumizing pills.
  • Take your time – Don’t rush to orgasm. Enjoy the full experience and slowly build up your orgasm. Hold out, try to control yourself just shy the actual orgasm for as long as possible. Practice makes perfect. This can be done for hours as in Tantric sex. This will cause an extremely intense orgasm.

Try to combine all of the above. If you think your orgasms are fun now, wait ’til you’ve tried these tips!

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