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Our Special Pre-Ejaculate Drink Mixes

“Is it true that drinking special juices prior to ejaculating changes the taste?” YES! In fact, pineapple juice has always been the “go-to drink;” however the same drink over and over again tastes boring and will diminish the overall taste ...

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Semen Nutrition, Facts, and Tips

Finally! An answer to the infamous question – “What is semen made of?” The Ingredients of Semen: A man’s body is constantly producing sperm and semen for the “right time.” Semen is mostly comprised of water, sugars, proteins, and other ...

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List of Foods that Increase Fertility

“What Foods Increase Semen Volume?” There is no doubt that eating correctly will help you increase your sperm count/semen volume. Studies all over the world have shown that sperm cell production and semen volume increases when subjects altered their eating ...

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